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Coronado SolarMax II 60 Telescope

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The SolarMax II 60 Telescope from Coronado features the introduction of the RichView tuning method which allows direct adjustment of the primary etalon filter. With RichView, the scope can be tuned for more precise wavelengths of light of the hydrogen-alpha (Ha) band.


This allows for higher contrast views of active regions, flares, filaments and other surface features. It can be quickly re-tuned for prominences on the solar limb.

The SolarMax II 60 is a dedicated H-Alpha solar viewing telescope with a 60mm SolarMax filter, a T-Max 60 tuner, a BF-15 blocking filter, and a CEMAX 25mm eyepiece. The SolarMax 60 features a <0.7 Å solar-viewing system that will provide detailed views of plage, flares, filaments, prominences, and granulation.

The heart of the SolarMax II 60's viewing system is the SolarMax 60 filter and its matching T-Max 60 Doppler Tuning Unit. This combination can be selectively adjusted by the viewer to de-tune the telescope's optical system. The wavelengths produced by high-velocity events such as active flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) can Doppler-shift and become invisible to a fixed H-Alpha system. The slight adjustment range made possible by the T-Max 60 allows these phenomena to become more visible.

All SolarMax filters must be used with a secondary interference filter. This package includes the BF-15 blocking filter - a 1.25" right-angle diagonal that produces a 13.6mm image. The BF-15 is thermally stable, so the image will not drift off the H-Alpha line as it heats up during use. Its 10mm aperture is matched to the telescope's focal length for full disk views of the Sun. This large aperture also enables the use of most Barlow lenses - this simplifies digital photography and enables the use of binoviewers.

SolarMax telescopes produce outstanding views of the Sun's active surface with 100% safety. None of the parts in this kit are stand-alone units - each component is equally crucial to the user's safety and the system's performance.

RichView Tuning Method
RichView tuning method allows for higher contrast views of active regions, flares, filaments and other surface features
Dedicated H-Alpha Telescope
This 400 mm f/6.6 solar viewing refractor offers enhanced resolution with a notable increase in weight over the SolarMax 40
BF-15 Blocking Filter
The BF-15 is a 1.25" right angle diagonal that must be used with a SolarMax filter. It produces a 9.0 mm image. It is thermally-stable to ensure there's no drifting off the H-Alpha line during use. Its 10 mm aperture matches the scope's focal length for full disk viewing
SolarMax 60 H-Alpha Filter
This 60 mm 0.7 Å objective filter has 2x the surface area of a 40 mm filter. This results in a higher level of resolution
T-Max 60 Doppler Tuning Unit
The T-Max 60 is used to de-tune the SolarMax filter towards the blue end of the H-Alpha line. This enhances detailed observation and imaging of solar disk shapes, surface details, prominences, granulation, and edge activities
CEMAX 25 mm Eyepiece
A high-quality 25 mm ocular for telescopes that accept 1.25" eyepieces. This Plossl eyepiece features sharp optics, a compact form-factor, long eye relief, and a standard apparent field of view
Sol Ranger Finderscope
The Sol Ranger attaches to the SolarMax telescope's clamshell mount. A pinhole on the front of the Sol Ranger allows a harmless beam of light to be projected onto an opaque glass viewer when the sun is in the main scope's FOV. The resulting image can be viewed easily from the rear of the telescope - this ensures a rapid and accurate alignment process

Coronado SolarMax II 60 Telescope
T-Max 60 - Doppler Tuning Unit
SolarMax 60 Filter
Cemax 25 mm Eyepiece
Blocking Filter BF-15
Sol Ranger
Clamshell Mounting Rings
Travel Case
Limited 5 Year Warranty

Objective Lens Diameter 60 mm
Focal Length 400 mm
Aperture f/6.6
Finderscope Sol Ranger
Length 16.75" / 42.6 cm
Weight 6.0 lb/ 2.7 kg

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